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Our Features

Big data

Together with the home owner, you can easily show how the local market is now, both previous sales, and current listings


An appraisal is automatically created, from; 1. relevant reference sales in the area, 2. homes listet for sale in the area, and 3. the purching price + housingmarket index. From these prices the agent can set the right price, together with the owner


The most agents er convinced that they know exactly, where to find the buyers. Using BusySunday, you will know for sure where to find them, regardless of which type om home, place or price


Think about if a sales plan is generated, at the same time as you sit and receive ongoing partial acceptances from the seller? It is now possible, in your colors and look.

Buyer's agent

How do you ensure that it is the right price that your buyer gets? You can ensure that in less than 3 minutes, via BusySunday. With that knowledge, you can give significantly better advice.


BusySunday has integrated the latest version of Chat GPT4, and developed an "entrance" that saves you time. Make e.g. your housing ad in 30 sec..


NO download at all

BusySunday is in the cloud and can be accessed from devices, both PC, Mac, Android and IOS

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Customer testimonials

Jakob Præstegaard Boesen

Daglig leder, Ejendomsmægler og køberrådgiver, home Hedensted-Løsning

In any case, it was an eye-opener for me when I got access to the program that there are so many people who move internally in cities!

So the broker concept "The local marketplace" is still relevant!

Patrick Åris Jensen

Nærmæglerne, Næstved

We have now been using BusySunday for a few weeks and can already confirm that it has had a positive impact in several assessments. Among other things. when assessing a holiday home for +3 million, where we could tell where the customers for holiday homes in that particular area primarily come from.

User-friendly platform and success in assessment – ​​great mix.


Our customers

We work widely with so far many Danish brokers, from many agencies - The first American customers are on it´s way

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