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With guarantee

BusySunday is the software that can increase your sales. With guarantee !

Best Support

You can get hold of BusySunday on tel. +45 26741448, from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day Info@BusySunday.dk


The team behind BusySunday comes with many years of experience in both development, sales and property trading

Filled Calendar

We help fill your calendar completely with appointments.

This year, there is only 1 agent in each area who gets access. If you want to become that broker, call BusySunday on tel. +45 26741448, write to Anders@BusySunday.dk or fill in our contact form here

BusySunday works on both Mac and PC. And on Ipad and other tablets. We do not recommend showing it in front of customers, via mobile phone, as the screen is too small.

There is only a requirement that your computer is reasonably up-to-date. A computer that is too old can give too slow a response, and then you will get mad at us.

Only you can see your data. No one else can see your buyers or sellers.

If we pull data from your real estate software, we will only do so in agreement with you.

If you need help as a BusySunday user, you can call us on the main number +45 26741448

There is someone on the phone every day from 8 am to 10 pm. If there is no answer, send a text and we will call you back asap.

We process data properly. In certain cases, we receive data from your current brokerage system, which is why we have drawn up this data processing agreement, see it here

In 2023, there is only 1 agent who has access to BusySunday in each area. Next year this will be 2.

If your area is taken, you can write to info@BusySunday.dk and put yourself on the waiting list.


NO download at all

BusySunday is in the cloud and can be accessed from devices, both PC, Mac, Android and IOS

Easy and intuitive
Great Ui
Awesome support 8 am - 10 pm every day
High customer satisfaction
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Customer testimonials

Jakob Præstegaard Boesen

Daglig leder, Ejendomsmægler og køberrådgiver, home Hedensted-Løsning

In any case, it was an eye-opener for me when I got access to the program that there are so many people who move internally in cities!

So the broker concept "The local marketplace" is still relevant!

Patrick Åris Jensen

Nærmæglerne, Næstved

We have now been using BusySunday for a few weeks and can already confirm that it has had a positive impact in several assessments. Among other things. when assessing a holiday home for +3 million, where we could tell where the customers for holiday homes in that particular area primarily come from.

User-friendly platform and success in assessment – ​​great mix.


Our customers

We work widely with so far many Danish brokers, from many agencies - The first American customers are on it´s way

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