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40% of all brokers do not have a sales agreement with them for an assessment. And then they certainly won't get a signature that day.

En onepage formidlingsaftale skal erstattes af en “rigtig” aftale inkl. salgsbudget, inden for 14 dage.

With BusySunday, you can get a signature on the sales plan and use it to start a sales collaboration until it is replaced by the real contract.

This increases your closing rate enormously, as the seller closes negotiations with other brokers.

And you will be one of the few who is so well prepared..


NO download at all

BusySunday is in the cloud and can be accessed from devices, both PC, Mac, Android and IOS

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Customer testimonials

Jakob Præstegaard Boesen

Daglig leder, Ejendomsmægler og køberrådgiver, home Hedensted-Løsning

In any case, it was an eye-opener for me when I got access to the program that there are so many people who move internally in cities!

So the broker concept "The local marketplace" is still relevant!

Patrick Åris Jensen

Nærmæglerne, Næstved

We have now been using BusySunday for a few weeks and can already confirm that it has had a positive impact in several assessments. Among other things. when assessing a holiday home for +3 million, where we could tell where the customers for holiday homes in that particular area primarily come from.

User-friendly platform and success in assessment – ​​great mix.


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We work widely with so far many Danish brokers, from many agencies - The first American customers are on it´s way

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