The dynamic duo.

You are good. Otherwise you were not a broker. Your business is running and you know your area and your profession. But who knows, maybe you could be even better? Get more resources and become the absolute best in your field. Everyone can need a "sidekick". A little extra strength to be first and best. And this is where we come into the picture. We give you a boost. Our insight and technology paired with your local knowledge can take us to new heights.

BusySunday is designed to be your helper. All around. We get you leads, strengthen your positioning and get you to your destination faster. We give you the opportunity to take your customers on the "assessment journey" and gain acceptance along the way. With our software, you can show them the market from a bird's eye view, and can show them a real index of interested customers. An insight they cannot get from the others. And if you use Busy Sunday in your area, we only help you, not your competitors. In short, we are your secret weapon.

We are owned and built by experts from the brokerage, real estate, software and data worlds. Our team consists of both former estate agents, sales coaches, software developers who have also worked in the industry, to data "crunchers", who work with the latest form of intelligence that can be put into modern software solutions.

We have analyzed the market and the methods brokers use today, and built our software based on that.

What we can do for you

BusySunday is a simple tool that the leading brokers in Denmark use as a sales tool.

Today, greater and greater demands are placed on the agents knowledge of the home they have to sell, and that is exactly where BusySunday has its existence. We support your knowledge with facts and data.. Like no one else can.


After the largest analysis of the real estate market, there is a clear trend. Most agents do the same, say the same, and can do the same. Is it optimal to win a customer only by "chemistry"?

BusySunday ensures that you as an agent stand out.

A seller cannot remember the difference between 4 agents who have just visited... With BusySunday, you will be remembered because you are the only one who can do what you can as a "BusySunday agent"


At BusySunday, our mission is to "create and tune" the competitive real estate agents of the future. Based on our multi-competence team, we have created completely unique sales opportunities in many different directions, which together help to give the brokers of the future skills that they cannot


Our vision is to constantly develop our knowledge, our skills and our team, so that we are constantly at the forefront of future trends and developments. We want to transfer this knowledge to the real estate agents in such a way that they obtain the unique development opportunities that can put them in the front seat among best real estate agents.


NO download at all

BusySunday is in the cloud and can be accessed from devices, both PC, Mac, Android and IOS

Easy and intuitive
Great Ui
Awesome support 8 am - 10 pm every day
High customer satisfaction
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Customer testimonials

Jakob Præstegaard Boesen

Daglig leder, Ejendomsmægler og køberrådgiver, home Hedensted-Løsning

In any case, it was an eye-opener for me when I got access to the program that there are so many people who move internally in cities!

So the broker concept "The local marketplace" is still relevant!

Patrick Åris Jensen

Nærmæglerne, Næstved

We have now been using BusySunday for a few weeks and can already confirm that it has had a positive impact in several assessments. Among other things. when assessing a holiday home for +3 million, where we could tell where the customers for holiday homes in that particular area primarily come from.

User-friendly platform and success in assessment – ​​great mix.


Our customers

We work widely with so far many Danish brokers, from many agencies - The first American customers are on it´s way

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